Monday, September 14, 2015

Altium Designer 15.1.15 Version Available (September 14, 2015)

Version 15.1.15 (build 50867) is now available for download.
How to Update
If you already use Altium Designer 15.1 you can use the update system in Altium Designer (DXP>Extensions and Updates) to install this update.
If you are on a previous version, Altium Designer 15.1 will need to be installed with a new installer from the downloads page.

You can explore the documentation for Altium Designer 15.1 in TechDocs.

Release Notes
#7073 All properties in the State Properties dialog (when configuring a lifecycle definition) are now visible (BC:5630).
#7460 Fixed issue with compiler warning being incorrectly displayed for broken links between Schematic components and Variants definition in a multi-channel design
#7496 Polygon pours no longer cause clearance violations after Altium Designer is updated to newest version.
#7497 The "Convert Special Strings" option no longer gets disabled after starting an Output Job file which is using the PCB document as its Data source.
#7499 Special strings whose parameter names include '-' are now correctly converted.
#7501 Access violation in module "TKShHealing.dll" no longer occurs during STEP export.
#7502 The Text Position property for dimension text is now correctly set to Manual when that text is manually repositioned (BC:5724).
#7522 Resolved an issue whereby the required lifecycle definition was not being applied during item creation, when the item type had more than one lifecycle definition assigned to it.
#8128 Length tuning for differential pairs no longer creates violations with the board outline.

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