Thursday, July 23, 2015

update to Altium Vault 2.5

We are excited to announce the update to Altium Vault 2.5.

Version 2.5.11 (build 47216) is now available for download.

We kindly remind, that before doing update you need to create a backup of your data and configuration.

You can explore the documentation for Altium Vault 2.5 in the techdocs.

Release Notes
#6842 The WebDav service installed as part of the Altium Vault installation, no longer affects MCAD Collaboration.
#6904 Resolved an issue with Altium Vault 2.5 where a vault-downloaded update of Altium Designer was not visible from within Altium Designer.
#6959 Resolved an issue with User Management where Users could not be seen by the web interface if there was a large number of Users defined.
#7023 Resolved an issue where component footprints could not be found in an Oracle version of the Altium Vault after running the Update PCB command.

You can view all of the release notes for this update by the link.

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