Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Newest update to Altium Designer 14 with 17 updates and maintenance fixes.

Newest update to Altium Designer 14 with 17 updates and maintenance fixes. 

Version 14.3.17 (build 42447) is now available for download. 

You can use the update system in Altium Designer (DXP>>Extensions and Updates) to install this update. 

Fixes in this update
5379 Resolved issue where Gerber generation of an embedded board referencing a non-existent PCB document would cause crashes.
5364 Timeout errors after releasing project documents to Altium Vault have been resolved.
5365 Improvements to releasing projects to Altium Vault with file-locking enabled.
5367 Support for AVS 1.1 in Altium Designer 14.3.
5369 Updating Altium Designer from an NIS no longer requires a current Portal connection.
5373 Resolved an issue with saving menu customization between sessions (BC:4957).
5375 BOM generation do not hangs anymore, when ActiveBOM is used as source with Variant switch.
5377 Resolved an issue where it was not possible for CmpLib folders to share the same name on different paths.
5380 Resolved exception error while working with split planes (BC:5059).
4032 Resolved issue where the Parallel Segment rule would produce an adjacent layer DRC violation when layers are separated by internal plane layers.
4278 Resolved issue where deleting a free object inadvertently deletes nearby component-owned objects.
4498 Resolved issues with Legacy 3D View's display and export to STEP model.
4557 Testpoint component flipped in the PCB editor correctly shows as top or bottom, fabrication or assembly in the PCB inspector panel.
5370 The correct lifecycle and naming schema is now being loaded during CmpLib file-less editing.
5374 Resolved issue when deleting multiple sub parts of a component in the schematic library editor, the selected components aren't always the ones that are deleted (BC:4768).
5381 Device Support Report no longer crashes.
5382 A PDF generated from a schematic that includes an image pasted from the Windows clipboard now works correctly.

Release Notes

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Altium Vault 2.1.5 Update Available Now (March 12, 2015)

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to announce the newest update to Altium Vault 2. This update is focused on minor fixes for installations of Altium Vault using an Oracle database.

Version 2.1.5 (build 41765) is now available to download. 

Caution: Please backup your data before installing the newest update. 

Release Notes
4759 Resolved  an issue with updating an Altium Vault using a Firebird database when there are non-unique project names.
4956 Resolved the "Show only latest" behavior issues in the Library panel for Altium Vault installations using an Oracle database.
4957 Resolved an SQL related error during "Auto-Match Unmanaged" operation for Altium Vault installations using an Oracle database.
4989 Resolved an issue where the acquisition process would fail when Altium Vault is installed using an Oracle database.
5024 Sharing a managed project will now grant rights to corresponding SVN repository.
5066 It is now possible to create NIS package with any product version, not only the latest.
5181 Altium Designer no longer crashes during initial PCL creation in an Altium Vault installation using an Oracle database.