Monday, September 14, 2015

Altium Vault 2.5.12 Available (14 September 2015)

Version 2.5.12 (build 50691) is now available for download.


Please note: Backup your existing data before updating.


You can explore the documentation for Altium Vault 2.5 in TechDocs.


Release Notes

#6423 Resolved an issue with BASE_WaveSim package that caused installation of Altium Designer from NIS package to fail.

#6696 Resolved an issue whereby addition of a new user or role to an Altium Vault, via the vault's browser interface, was impossible if authorizations and password files - in the VaultServerData/Repository folder - were empty.

#6775 Fixed a bug whereby an approval request was not passing to a second approval group, if the approver in the first group was also part of a custom role.

#7149 Pushing a project to the Collaboration Server using the Solidworks Collaboration panel in Altium Designer, no longer causes an error with Status Code 500.

#7235 Altium Vault 2.5 is now compatible with the Oracle 12 database.

#7269 The NIS UI can now work correctly on isolated networks, without access to the internet

#7305 The packages folder created through the Network Installation Service is now correctly set to be a system folder. When opting to hide system folders, the packages folder will now correctly be hidden from view in the vault folder structure.

#7428 LDAP Synchronization no longer tries to create a user, if a user with the same name has already been manually created.

#7451 It is now possible to save local credentials, for an Altium Vault installed on an isolated network (with no internet access).

#7645 Resolved an issue with Altium Vault licensing, whereby existing features were marked as unavailable after license activation.

#7678 The Altium Vault no longer causes an error while loading the IDX file when a design is pulled from Collaboration server to SOLIDWORKS.

#8027 Resolved an issue with BackupTool that caused Vault installation to fail.

#8053 Resolved an issue whereby the Turkish character set (UTF-8) was causing "500 Internal Server Error".

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