Wednesday, July 22, 2015

update to Altium Designer 15.1

We would like to announce the update to Altium Designer 15.1. 

Version 15.1.14 (build 47215) is now available for download. 

How to Update
If you already use Altium Designer 15.1 you can use the update system in Altium Designer (DXP>Extensions and Updates) to install this update.
If you are on a previous version, Altium Designer 15.1 will need to be installed with a new installer from the downloads page

You can explore the documentation for Altium Designer 15.1 in TechDocs

Release Notes
#6370 The Symbol Generator now correctly observes units for default pin lengths during component creation
#6771 Resolved an issue where opening a PcbDoc containing a Design View could result in the software entering into an infinite loop.
#6843 Footprint with ".Comment" special string no longer displayed as mismatched after running footprint comparison via "Tools>Update from PCB Libraries".
#6886 A PCB created in AD14.3 no longer loses relief polygon connections when it is opened in Altium Designer 15.1 and the polygon is repoured.
#6915 The time taken to compile a schematic project has been reduced (BC:5495).
#6938 PCB panels whose child PCB designs contain Component refdes, Component comment, and dimension text now produce proper Print and Assembly output to PDF documents (BC:5716).
#6960 Resolved an issue where a new project being created from a template would point to the wrong OutputJob file.
#7022 Resolved an issue when unique identifier errors appeared after updating a modified schematic symbol using the "Tools >Update Schematics command".
#7070 Resolved an issue with Undetectable Short Circuit in Schematic when Blankets are used
#7085 Resolved an issue where the designators were incorrectly placed in the generated PDF output if they were on a mechanical layer in an embedded board array (BC:5714).

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