Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Unified Components Update - Atmel AVR & ARM MCUs

The Hobart Content Team is pleased to announce a major content update to Atmel’s AVR and ARM-based microcontrollers. Over 1600 new and updated board-level components in this third content release for 2012.

Developed in collaboration with Atmel, we have released new and updated components with schematic and pcb models across the full range of AVR microcontrollers (UC3, XMEGA, megaAVR, tinyAVR, Battery Management & Automotive), together with ARM-based flash microcontrollers based on ARM® Cortex-M4/M3, ARM926EJ-S  & ARM7TDMI® processors.

All now available from the Unified Components section of the AltiumLive Content Store -

Microcontroller AVR UC3

Microcontroller AVR XMEGA

Microcontroller megaAVR

Microcontroller tinyAVR

Microcontroller AVR Battery Management

Microcontroller AVR Automotive

Microcontroller ARM

To read more about the relationship between Altium and Atmel see the press release here.

Highlights in this release include the AVR UC3 family where you can find the complete B & C Series of devices, the 32-bit picoPower® L Series, the entry-level D Series plus the original A0-A4 Series. We’ve also added the latest Audio Series, which are versions of the 32-bit UC3 micros that allow for the execution of Atmel licensed Audio firmware IPs.

The latest devices in 8- and 16-bit AVR® XMEGA® have also been released including the XMEGA B1/B3 and the XMEGA A3/A4 series. Plus all the current Automotive AVRs, 8-bit megaAVRs and the small cost effective packages of the tinyAVR family.

All components have supply chain information from suppliers such as Digi-key and Farnell, which can be best viewed when browsing these components from the Vault Explorer in Altium Designer 10. Navigate over to the Altium Vault to check them out.


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