Thursday, February 23, 2012

Announcement: STMicroelectronics STM32 F4 microcontrollers

More new content for STMicroelectronics! The Hobart Content Team is pleased to announce the release of the STM32 F4 microcontrollers and Power Management Linear Regulators from the STMicroelectronics catalogue.

Developed in close collaboration with ST, we have released vault-based components for the latest STM32 F4 family of 32-bit microcontrollers, an update to the STM32 L1 family, as well as a collection of Power Management Linear Regulators - all now available from the Unified Components section of the AltiumLive Content Store.

To read more about the relationship between Altium and STMicroelectronics see the January press release here.

The STM32 F4 series are high-performance 32-bit Flash MCUs, which support DSP and Floating Point Unit instructions. The F4 series sits at the top of the STM32 range of MCUs, which also includes; the F1 mainstream series, the L1 ultra low-power series, and the F2 high-performance series. The F4 series are ARM® Cortex-M4 based, and by leveraging ST’s 90nm NVM technology and ART Accelerator they are capable of 210 DMIPS at 168MHz. They are also pin compatible with the F2 series - providing an ideal upgrade path - with more SRAM, improved peripherals, enhanced RTCs and faster ADCs.

The range of Power Management Linear Regulators includes over 500 parts from ST’s power management catalogue. ST offers a wide selection of fixed and adjustable output linear regulators, featuring an optimal combination of low dropout voltage, low quiescent current, fast transient response and low noise, making them ideal for battery powered applications where heat dissipation and small size are key factors. The Linear Regulators in this release join the already-released Power Management, DC-DC Conversion, Switching Regulator & Voltage Reference families available from Altium. More families will be released in the upcoming months, delivering designers’ comprehensive coverage of the STMicroelectronics range of power management devices.

All components in this release feature supply chain information from multiple suppliers, including Digi-key, Newark and Mouser, which can be best viewed when browsing these components in the Vault Explorer in Altium Designer 10. Navigate to the Altium Vault to check them out.

Through AltiumLive, theses components can now be found in the Content Store here:

Unified Components \ STMicroelectronics \ STM32 F4

Unified Components \ STMicroelectronics \ STM32 L1

Unified Components \ STMicroelectronics \ Power Management Linear Regulator


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