Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Product Release - Stackup Planner for Altium Designer

We are delighted to annouce the release of a product that finally allows you route to impedence in Altium Designer.

The Stackup Planner for Altium Designer imports the substrate configuration from the ICD Stackup Planner and automatically creates the corresponding Layers in Altium Designer, configuring the Layer Stackup Manager. Also, Design Rules for Trace Width, Clearance and Differential Pairs are automatically created enabling the user to route each layer and differential pair to the calculated single ended or differential impedance.

The interface also exports the Altium Designer Layers, from the Layer Stack Manager and Trace Width/Clearances into the ICD Stackup Planner for the calculation of impedance and trace current. The stackup can then be modified to obtain the desired impedances and imported back into Altium Designer.

The product includes both the ICD Stackup Planner and the Altium interface.

For more information or to request the demo, click here. <http://www.desktop-eda.com.au/products/StackupPlanner.html>

The Stackup Planner for Altium Designer is jointly developed by Desktop EDA and In-Circuit Design.

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