Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shanghai Vault Update - VITA CMC Mating Connectors

The Shanghai Content Center is very pleased to announce an update to the previous VITA family release. This week, more mating connectors for the existing VITA Mezzanine standard modules have been added.

These follow the same style as previous mating connector projects, that is complete with signal assignments, connector 3D models and example layouts. These design templates can be used in conjunction with our existing VITA module templates to build up carrier modules.

This release includes mating connectors for FMC, PMC and XMC, and can be found in the VITA - CMC folder of the Shanghai Vault.

FMC and XMC are both provided in single and double variants.

Those on the AltiumLive Subscriber Plan can use these templates by connecting to the Shanghai Vault directly from Altium Designer 10 using their AltiumLive credentials, or by browsing to the AltiumLive Design Content area and selecting the Altium Shanghai Vault


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