Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Draftsman Update (23 May 2016)

We would like to announce the maintenance update of Draftsman. You can get  new version of Draftsman via the Altium Designer update system (DXP > Extensions and Updates).​

Release Notes

#12120    Draftsman - Fixed issue where Altium Designer crashed if font missing from the computer (BC:6636).
#12053    Draftsman - Placing parameters into text boxes will apply after choice parameter from the list.
#12119    Draftsman - Fixed issue where typing caps insert the new line (BC:6634).
#12107    Draftsman - Was added an option for replacement header to Top/Bottom for BOM table.
#12143    Draftsman - Fixed bug with the wrong order of component display in Section View.
#12149    Draftsman - Fixed issue where dimension line overlapped dimension text.
#12186    Draftsman - Fixed issue where panning with RMB clear selection.
#12188    Draftsman - Added display of document statuses (like Unsaved) in document tabs and Project panel.

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