Thursday, March 3, 2016

Altium Designer 16.0.8 Update (04 March 2016)

We are please to announce next update of Altium Designer 16.0. Version 16.0.8 (build 354) is now available for download and update system in Altium Designer (DXP>>Extensions and Updates).
This update includes long awaiting solution for the polygon confirmation dialog and Vault Eplorer fixes for big folders support.


Release Notes
#8925    DRC markers layer is not being erased from the design anymore. It also being restored for the boards, that have lost it in previous versions.
#9177    No error longer shown while modifying Vault list in Preferences
#9182    Pin description are now being transferred to symbol during generation in Symbol Wizard
#9229    ItemManager - Fixed component duplication after editing with  defined custom grouping
#9409    Both TGZ and ZIP archives are generated for ODB++ output
#9445    User is now being properly notified  if pcblib download has failed
#9453    "Failed to get component template item revision" is no longer happens, if template with non empty comment is being defined for the folder
#9466    "Visible in Vault panels" property of lifecycle state is now properly supported in Vault Explorer
#9480    Fixed error in folder tree generation by PDF container in outjob, when "\" was not forcing sub-folder creation (BC:6137, BC:6123)
#9512    Multiline  text now properly display variant parameters in concatenated strings.
#9519    Update from library do not show fake changes for the footprints with several identical extruded bodies on top of each other.
#9534    "Builderstate RenderNodeManager" error is not happening any longer, while working with View Configuration
#9561    Item Manager - Error "Can not change selection of record" does not happen anymore, while performing Auto-Match operation
#9570    Common engineering notation is now used for unit-aware parameter data types in a Component Library (centi- is now used for length only) (BC:6068)
#9605    "Missing file" error does not happens, while performing preview with had copy containers in outjobs (BC:6104)
#9613    ODB++ tgz file output is now correctly structured to contain root odb directory.
#9618    Overlay graphics for components marked as 'Not Fitted' are now properly displayed in Assembly Drawing outputs(BC:6100).
#9638    "Access Violation" crash does not happens while accessing Tool menu on WindowsXP
#9640    MCAD origin moves properly when board shape move operation is being cancelled
#9646    Octopart links are now less aggressive in the UI.
#9678    ItemManager - Footprint is now selected automatically, while updating component to latest revision
#9694    "Default Checkout Path" parameter for SVN repository is now saved properly
#9732    Fixed customizing dialog for menu/toolbar commands: now it properly handles image files of different formats
#9839    Keepout regions are no longer exported to PDF3D
#9949    Updated Japanese localization
#10023    Fixed floating crash while releasing component templates to the Vault
#10184    Crash, when multiple pad in one point is being selected, does not happens anymore.
#10448    SQL error no longer happens, when where-used information is being process for the Vault model with more than 1000 references
#10608    Pads on mechanical layers are no longer ignored during an 'update from library' operation
#10609    Altium Designer no longer crashes when exporting a board containing a Design View, into STEP format
#10832    Altium Designer no longer asks for repour confirmation, after modifying a polygon pour (BC:5936)
#10891    An issue has been resolved relating to the display of board regions in embedded board arrays, when viewing the board in 3D (BC:4553)
#10892    Use of the Align Vertical/Horizontal Centers feature - from the Align Objects dialog - no longer results in objects being shifted
#10913    Generation of Gerber X2 fabrication output has been modified slightly, to comply with Gerber X2 Rev 2015.10.
#10929    Opening a PCB that features via shielding, no longer results in an exception violation
#10930    Long strings are now displayed in their entirety, when editing through the String dialog

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