Friday, February 26, 2016

Altium Vault - 2.5.14 (build) is available

Next public update for the Altium Vault - 2.5.14 (build) is available in download section of the site.

That is maintenance update with bugfixes ony. Please, do not forget to perfrom data backup, before doing update on production system.

Release Notes
#9683    Upload of big NIS packages does not fail on Windows 2008 anymore
#9699    Fixed issue, when NIS package download links were pointing to the localhost instead of real server address
#9784    Floating error during backup due to locked Search Index does not happen anymore
#9787    Fixed memory leak in PartCatalog service
#9800    Fixed "Malformed string" error during background prices update in PartCatalog, when supplier returns encoded data
#9875    Backup tool does not hide database related errors during restore process anymore
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