Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Altium Vault 2.5.13 Available (1 December 2015)

Version 2.5.13 (build 55112) is now available for download.

Please note: Backup your existing data before updating.

Release Notes
#8421 The Altium Vault's Team Configuration Center (TC2) now supports the creation of more than 15 user Roles.
#8791 Resolved an issue where component visibility was lost when the Vault database is reindexed after a software update.
#8854 A Component CAL license no longer creates an error when used with a Workgroup or Enterprise Vault installation.
#9082 Resolved an issue where changing the state of a large number of Vault components (more than 50) with a Batch operation would cause an SQL error.
#9174 The Vault's 'Remind' action for pending approval requests now works correctly with OS versions older than Windows 8.
#9400 Revision Naming Schemes and Lifecycle Definitions can now be successfully modified for an Altium Vault based on the Oracle database.
#9477 The Altium Vault Backup tool now correctly detects different Firebird architectures by identifying the active process name.
#9509 An Altium Vault folder that has a high number of elements no longer causes a 'Too many values' SQL error, and will accept further additions.
#9585 The Vault Explorer now correctly shows Supplier Chain information for components sourced from an Altium Vault that is using an Oracle database.

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