Thursday, December 17, 2015

Altium Designer 16.0.6 Update (17 December 2015)

Version 16.0.6 (build 282) is now available for download and update system in Altium Designer (DXP>>Extensions and Updates).

Release Notes
#9490    Some ODB++ loaders cannot load multi-line text strings, these are now automatically broken into multiple, single line strings to ensure correct loading into all ODB++ CAM tools.
#9505    Resolved a Schematic-PCB ECO update failure where a component footprint contains a '.Designator' multi-line string.
#9508    Resolved a Variants issue where the Fitted/Not Fitted option did not function correctly with Multi-Part Components that are spread over different sheets (BC:6087).
#9545    Empty multi-line strings do not prevent file load in 16.0 anymore
#9555    Restored the BOM sorting functionality so that secondary sorting is again applied from the first left column.
#9582    The graphic for the Diff Pair design rule has been updated to better reflect the function of the different width settings.
#9677    Resolved an issue where opening a schematic with a specific combination of image location and rotation settings would cause an exception (BC:6132

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