Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Announcement: Texas Instruments Precision Op Amps Released!

The Content Team is pleased to announce the second Amplifier & Linear board-level library release for Texas Instruments. At the end of July we released more than 4500 additional operational amplifiers covering the entire ‘Precision Amplifier’ catalog. Our support for TI’s wide range of op amps now includes more than 7000 supply-chain enabled, board-level components.

In the previous TI release we covered General Purpose (1448) and High Speed Amplifiers (1100). Adding Precision Amplifiers (4599) now completes the majority of the Operational Amplifier catalog (excluding the NSC parts which we will merge and update soon!) These three, broader op amp categories cover the lion’s share of TI op amps - and include the following sub-families:

High Speed (>=50MHz)

Fully Differential Amplifier

Zero Drift Precision Amplifier

Low Noise Amp (<=10nV/rtHZ)

Low Power Amp (<=500uA)

Low Input Bias Current Amp (<=10pA)

Low Offset Voltage Amplifier (<=500uV)

High Supply Voltage Amplifier (>=30V)

General Purpose

Low Supply Voltage Amplifier (<=2.7V)

High Output Current Amplifier (>=50mA)

Precision Amplifier

Audio Operational Amplifier

Many op amps are cross classified, so we’ve included a ‘Sub Family’ parameter to capture this, and hopefully make it easier to search in the vault.

We’ve now developed components for more than 25,000 TI parts, and all are available in the Altium Content Vault and as Design Content libraries available here. You can also place these components directly from within Altium Designer via the Vault Explorer - where you will also find live supplier links and pricing information from suppliers such as Digi-Key, Farnell/Newark, Mouser and more - connect to the Altium Content Vault to explore further.


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