Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Advanced design navigation feature

Advanced design navigation feature



As designs increase in size and complexity, the ability to navigate project documents becomes ever more important. For the designer working to a stringent deadline, being able to smoothly interrogate Nets, Pins, Ports, Parts and Power Supplies within the design, with minimal effort, is paramount. One way to achieve this in Altium Designer is by using the Navigator panel. This panel presents the constituent elements of the design in tabular format, and allows quick highlighting of parts, pins and nets on source schematics or target PCB. In addition, supporting dynamic, bi-directional component cross-selection, Altium Designer offers its Cross Select Mode feature. With this feature enabled, the designer can simply click to select one or more components in one domain and those same components will become selected in the other domain. In this Design Secret video, we present the basic functionality of the Navigator panel and how, when used in combination with the Cross Select feature, you can navigate your design projects in a far more efficient and streamlined manner.

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