Monday, April 2, 2012

Altium releases Maxim board-level components as online resources

New collection of Maxim component resources now available as design-ready content in AltiumLive

Shanghai, China – 28 March 2012 – Altium, developer of next-generation electronics design software and services, announces the release of new board-level components developed for a collection of Maxim’s analog and mixed signal devices, to its online content delivery system, AltiumLive.

The announcement highlights another step in Altium's rapid and continuous expansion of the design content available through AltiumLive. Establishing cooperative relationships with electronic component companies such as Maxim allows Altium to deliver high quality design content directly to electronics designers using Altium Designer, via its online services.

The new components released to AltiumLive include Maxim's smart building block products such as 1mm x 1mm 4-Pin comparators, MEMS-based real-time-clocks, point-of-load (POL) regulators and 'beyond-the-rails' multiplexers. Also in this release is a collection of design content for analog signal chain, interface and power devices.

Available online through AltiumLive, the unified board-level components are developed and maintained using the latest Maxim source data. The design-ready components include schematic symbol and PCB footprints with detailed 3D models for mechanical integration during the PCB design process in Altium Designer. Through relationships formed with electronics suppliers such as Digi-Key, Mouser and Newark, the Altium board-level components also include real-time supply-chain information, such as supplier choice, pricing and availability.

"Relationships with key parts manufacturers such as Maxim pave the way to providing our customers with high-integrity component resources that are ready to use in Altium Designer" said Rowland Washington, Content Development Manager for Altium. "Hosting design content in AltiumLive allows us to update and maintain an ever increasing pool of valuable design resources for Altium Designer users".

The new release of Maxim unified components with supply-chain information adds to the collection of Maxim design content available from the AltiumLive Content Store, which already includes Maxim's memory and microcontroller devices.

"Providing Maxim content through AltiumLive really helps us to provide our mutual customers with access to up-to-date Maxim products," said Shailendra Mahajan, Executive Director of Strategic Segment Marketing at Maxim . "This further enhances our ability to provide a streamlined and efficient design experience when using Maxim products, and helps AltiumLive users meet their design and production milestones.”

The board-level components for the new and existing Maxim devices can be accessed online from the Unified Components area in the AltiumLive Content Store. Within Altium Designer 10, the ready-to-use components and supply-chain links are available though the Vault Explorer, which directly accesses Altium’s managed component vaults via the AltiumLive web portal.

More information on the board-level components and how they are accessed in Altium Designer is available from AltiumLive and in the related blogs. Maxim products are available directly from Maxim online or from a range of Maxim authorized distributors worldwide. For more information, go to


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