Friday, March 9, 2012

Announcement: TI's National Semiconductor Content Update


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The Content Team is very pleased to announce the release of an update to the National Semiconductor component collection. Now a part of Texas Instruments, National Semiconductor components make up a large part of TI’s analog division.

The update consists of 406 new components and 1376 revised components across the whole National catalogue. The majority of new components were released into Switcher, MiscPower, LDO and Interface families.

Updates include PCB revisions to over 100 footprints, updated datasheets, new URLs and more. Further details of these changes can be found in the Revision Note parameters attached to the revised vault components.

These TI National components can be found in the Content Store under:

Unified Components\National Semiconductor\

All components in this release feature supply chain information from multiple suppliers, including Digi-Key, Mouser, Newark & Farnell.  These can best be viewed when browsing the components in the Vault Explorer in Altium Designer 10. Navigate to the Altium Vault to see what’s available.

Full change list by family:

ADC - 36 new components, 3 revised

Amplifier - 39 new components, 58 revised

Analog - 24 revised components

Audio - 4 new components, 214 revised

Comparator - 5 new components, 11 revised

DAC - 2 new components

Interface - 60 new components, 43 revised

LDO - 71 new components, 380 revised

MiscPower - 94 new, 281 revised

OtherParts - 2 new, 2 revised

Switch Caps - 13 revised components

Switcher - 63 new components, 216 revised

Temperature Sensor - 11 new, 52 revised

Voltage Reference - 18 new components, 79 revised

As well as vault-based managed components that are available via Altium Designer’s Vault Explorer, Integrated Library versions of these component families can be downloaded from the AltiumLive Content Store. Look for the ‘Download Library’ button on the left-hand sidebar as you browse through the various vendor families.


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