Thursday, March 22, 2012

Announcement: Microchip Content Update


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The Content Team is very pleased to announce an update to our Microchip Technology families in the Altium Vault and Content Store. Working closely with Microchip, we have created new components and revised all existing components in the following analog categories:

  1. Microchip - Interface
  2. Microchip - Linear
  3. Microchip - Mixed Signal (Data Converters)

These components can be found in the Unified Components section of the Content Store. You can also use these components directly from within Altium Designer via the Vault Explorer - where you will also find supplier links and pricing information. For integrated libraries, look for the ‘Download Library’ button on the Content Store pages.

A total of 580 new components have been released, and 1917 components updated:

Interface - 116 new components, 180 revised

Linear - 147 new components, 674 revised

Mixed Signal - 317 new components, 1063 revised

This is the first major update that has been developed in close collaboration with Microchip. To read more about the relationship you can find the press release here.

More Microchip updates in the weeks and months ahead!



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