Friday, September 23, 2011

Hobart Content Team - Microchip's PIC families (PIC24F, PIC24H & PIC32)

Announcement: Microchip PIC update released to the vault

the release of Microchip’s PIC24E family to the Hobart Vault.  In this release we’ve also made updates and added new components to the PIC24F, PIC24H and PIC32 families.


Microchip’s PIC24E general purpose microcontroller family features the highest speed 60 MIPS core with excellent performance and code density.  It offers superior ADC performance, enhanced CAN communication, easier graphic display interface through 8-bit parallel master port and up to 15 DMA channels for extensive data movement.

Updates to PIC24F/H include the addition of component URLs, pin names in schematic symbols updated to the latest datasheet spec, and 173 new components.

PIC32 has also had pin names updated according to the current datasheet along with another 346 new components.

These Microchip components can be found in the Hobart Vault under Components\Microchip\

AltiumLive Subscribers can use these components by connecting to the Vault directly from Altium Designer 10 using their AltiumLive credentials, or by browsing to the AltiumLive Design Content area and selecting the Altium Hobart Vault.


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