Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update 6 for Altium Designer 10

Another update for Altium Designer, which brings the update count to six since the release of AD10.

This update includes:

  1. Improvements to the PADS Importer, including support for V2007.0 and V9
  2. Support for Altera Quartus2 and Nios2 v11.0
  3. Improvements in searching in the Vault Explorer
  4. Updates to device support
  5. Plus many other fixes.

And of course, there are more fixes prioritised by the BugCrunch reports that you submitted and voted on. These include:

  1. Column widths that are now restored correctly in the Browse For component dialog
  2. CAMtastic now generates correct outlines for rounded rectangular pads when using the "Analysis / Generate Outlines" command.

For detailed information on what is delivered with this update, read the release notes.

The delivery of these fixes affects the following 14 modules:

  1. System Components category:
    Altium Designer Base, PCB System, PCB Support, Soft Design System, Soft Design Support, Data Management, Device Registry, Altium Designer Localization
  2. FPGA Components:
    FPGA Configurable - Generic Logic
  3. Hardware Support Packages category:
    Device Support - Altera Cyclone 4E, Device Support - Xilinx XC9500, Device Support - Xilinx XC9500XV
  4. Importers and Exporters:
    Exporter - Ansoft, Importer - PADS


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