Friday, October 8, 2010

Morfik and Altium

Morfik and Altium

With Morfik Version 3 and Altium Designer Release 10, both companies have reached their next inflection point. At this point we have chosen to join forces to pursue the next stage. We believe that together Altium and Morfik can empower those who choose to develop the device-based ecosystems that will be needed.

The three pillars of this are:

  • Device Design – Designing smart connected devices that make up the physical structure of the ecosystem. PCs, Servers and “Application Specific” devices. This is the traditional business of Altium.
  • Cloud/Web Application Design – The Web-Apps that will run across the “Sea of Devices”. This is the business of Morfik.
  • Infrastructure - the Internet-based resources that the devices and web-applications run on. This is new for the Internet era, but is becoming available on an industrial scale from people like Amazon.

The second of these three pillars is where Morfik and Altium intersect – The development of web-based applications.

Morfik is clearly the provider of the technology for web-applications. Although this has been historically focused on serving solutions to browsers in PCs, with Morfik 3 this has moved to more direct support for iPads and iPhones. These are still general purpose personal computers but they are the first step in moving beyond the PC-based browser.

The community of expertise that has developed around Morfik and its technology is a precious resource for this undertaking. We see the Morfik customer base today (something that we would like to see grow significantly) as an important starting point for the evolution of a community of web-application developers who can develop the web-applications that are an important part of these future ecosystems.

As a technology that provides a true object-oriented software-engineered approach to web-app development, Morfik is unique in the world. Engineering these ecosystems is not something that will be accomplished by the script-based approaches so common in the web-world today. It will take real software engineers and real software engineering to build these.

For those who see Morfik as a way to develop their own PC-based web-apps today (most Morfik customers today), we would hope you will stick around and work with us as we undertake the next stage of this journey. At the very least you will be able to benefit from the work we intend to do – work which we hope will take Morfik’s web-application development model to the next level.

And for those who are keen to be part of this next stage, designing web-applications that power these ecosystems, I hope that you find the prospects for the future as exciting as we do.


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