Thursday, September 16, 2010

Altium formally announced its intent to buy Morfik Technology

Altium formally announced its intent to buy Morfik Technology to the market this morning Sydney time.

You can read the announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange and the media release in the Investor and Media sections of our web site.

Morfik is an Australian software company whose products are used by professional software engineers to design, engineer and deploy cloud-based software applications.

Our plan is to merge our development teams and our respective technologies as part of the long term plan of helping our industry make the transition from designing stand-alone discrete devices to designing and engineering connected device ecosystems. This is something we’ve talked about, and been developing, for a few years now.

We can now accelerate the development of this platform for Altium’s customers. When developed, this platform will form the basis of the tools and infrastructure required to help electronics designers develop their own ecosystems of intelligent, connected devices, running their own cloud-based applications.

All members of Morfik’s team will be joining Altium, including the team in Sydney and Hobart, in Australia, and in Kiev, in the Ukraine. Morfik’s co-founders and senior developers will remain with Altium, which provides us with an outstanding group of experts to complement our home-grown team.

The merging of our development teams also lets us refocus and re-task our combined development of the forthcoming release of Altium Designer. And while we complete the acquisition, we are planning to move quickly on creating the web presence for our new content stream. This is in turn based on the package system that will be part of the new release of Altium Designer. To accelerate this process we are moving to get our teams working together as quickly as possible so that we can jointly attack the objectives ahead.

Nick Martin's white paper, published last year, sets the scene. Read it here:

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