Friday, February 26, 2010

Next Generation Design Data Management

Manually managing bills of materials? Struggling to manage design revisions? Dread the design release documentation nightmare? Let’s face it: Design data management is not the most glamorous part of the engineering workday. However, effective data management and collaboration throughout the organization can have a huge impact on your success in taking products to market more quickly and with fewer revisions. If this sounds desirable, you are in the right place! This free webinar will reveal the secrets to creating a pushbutton design data management system.

In an hour, you'll learn about:

Management of design configurations, including assembly and fabrication variants.

Data versioning and revision management with version control.

Release management and just how to develop a bulletproof release process that yields high-quality, consistent results every time.

Component management and how to manage parts information across the entire organization.

And more!

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