Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Design Secrets Videos

Useful helpful tips and tricks

Accelerating parts placement - from the schematic

The smart way to paste

Get design help, fast

New components – why reinvent the wheel?

A quick introduction to the Filter Panel

Variants, enabling your chameleon right from Schematic

Keeping your world in synch

Create new components the smart way

Joining nets for Kelvin connections, RF parts and Planar Magnetics

Highlight complex net routes with Board Insight

Choose your own shortcuts

Managing those tricky non-electrical parts

Add supplier search data to your component database!

Practical and easy design re-use with Device Sheets

Refactoring new life into your designs

The fast, easy way to create 3D component bodies

Creating your own PCB panels for fabrication and assembly has a number of advantages

Use SPI flash to boot the NB3000XN/AL with a combined image

Complex Custom Selection Tools made EASY

Solving annotation hassles in design re-use

Organize a new design clarity with Layer Sets

Linking to data, directly from a component

Connecting to Altium Designer with JTAGNewsletter

Don't get lost in a sea of components

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