Friday, June 8, 2018

Altium Designer 18.1.7 now available

Version 18·1·7


Build: 191  Date: 8 June 2018


24006 PCB: Fixed regression that caused software crash when Signal Integrity is analyzing a board containing Accordions that are using the Mitered Arcs style.

26310 PCB: Fixed regression that caused software crash when using the mouse wheel in the Query Builder.

26591 PCB: Double clicking PCB Text is now correctly focused and selected in the Properties panel (BC:9451).

26639 PCB: The Expedition Importer has been improved to more accuracy import the Board Outline shape.

26863 PCB: Fixed a bug where Un-Routed Net violations were not detected if primitives are connected to an isolated part of a Hatched Polygon (BC: 8999, 9396, 9458).

25047 Data Management: Fixed bug where team configuration changes for Managed Output Job revisions are not updated in the released project.

26005 Data Management: Fixed bug where certain projects show the error 'An item with the same key has already been added.' during project Release.

26126 Data Management: Fixed bug where a non-accessible item in a vault could cause the error 'A component named Sections_1 already exists' during project Release.

26446 Data Management: Fixed regression that didn't properly restrict search results to the correct Content Type in the Vault Explorer.

26163 PCAD Importer: Fixed regression in the PCAD Importer where component rotation was not set correctly.

26641 Expedition Importer: Fixed bug where Footprint origins were incorrectly located.

26293 DxDesigner Importer: Fixed several issues related to object connectivity as well as incorrect sheet sizes, multipart symbols, pin name visibility and general stability.

27053 Zuken CR5000 Importer: Fixed issues with importing power ports, rounded rectangle pads, oblong pads, footprints with same pads numbers and crashes with specific projects.

26139 Draftsman: Fixed regression where the 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' error occurred while placing Angular dimension between two lines.

26443 Draftsman: Fixed a crash after the associated PCB document was renamed.

26489 Draftsman: Fixed regression where Draftsman reported Illegal characters in path when creating new Draftsman document from template, for example if a footprint contained characters "?\^:".

26772 Platform: The UI Theme 'Altium Light Gray' now has increased contrast to improve the readability and look of panels and dialogs (BC:8859).

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