Friday, July 7, 2017

Altium Designer 17.1.6 Update (7 July 2017)

Hi all, Altium Designer is now publicly available


This update of 17.1 version contains some corrections in the newly introduced Keepouts, which caused the most heated discussion of users after the release of AD17.1. Also, we want to highlight a bunch of corrections and improvements in Draftsman tool, Bug Crunch fixes as well as improvements in Data Management tools and much more. Please find the complete list of release notes below.

Release Notes

#17494    Fixed bug where non-keepout primitives can be copied/pasted on Keep-Out Layer and keep-out primitives on a non-signal improper layer.
#17691    Fixed bug where Managed OutJobs could only utilize Vault based BOM templates locally.
#17787    Fixed pasting of graphics from the clipboard in Schematic.
#18044    Fixed regression bug where polygon cutouts do not appear in ODB++ assigned on mask layers.
#18174    Data Management - Improved Item Manager performance for projects with Vault components.
#18283    Vault Explorer - Fixed bug where switching to preview on Windows 10 Creator causes BSOD (BC:8015).
#18308    Draftsman - Fixed regression bug where titles appear in the PDF generated from an output job (BC:8074).
#18345    Draftsman - Added support for individual variants in OutJoub for Draftsman drawings.
#18368    Fixed regression bug where PCB file from the previous version cannot be open in AD17.1.
#18372    Fixed bug where keepout object options clear after Union creation.
#18414    Eagle Importer - Fixed regression bug which caused a wrong placement of objects on the top layer.
#18415    Fixed regression bug where projects under Version Control are not recognized as so by AD 17 (BC:7966).
#18445    Fixed regression bug where was not possible to open Supplier Links dialog if Future Electronics supplier is installed.
#18513    Fixed regression bug where lifecycle state change does not work in "Full item history" window.
#18566    Draftsman - Fixed regression bug where in 17.1 not showing reference designators for parts not fitted (BC:8001).
#18628    Library Panel - Fixed bug where the status of the Load all Pages preference in was not saved between AD launches.
#18628    Library Panel - Added ability to save/load list of the visible columns while performing import/export of the preferences.
#18628    Library Panel - Fixed bug where Component Type attribute was not available for the Vault-based libraries.
#18629    Added ability to define a position of the visible parameters of the Vault components, by preserving position data from the symbol.
#18630    Fixed bug where open pick and place file in source section caused Source out of date.
#18701    Data Management - Added suggest to update related components after component template modification.
#18702    Fixed bug where update related items feature allows to open component with different templates in one batch editor.
#18727    Draftsman - Fixed regression bug where data is not loaded if components with variants have multiple (incorrect) Unique IDs (BC:8005).
#18809    Draftsman - Fixed regression bug where 3D bodies are not displayed on Assembly Views on not-English Windows with non-English project path.
#18909    Fixed bug where Component Links Parameters not migrated to a component by Library Migrator.
#18925    Fixed regression bug where supply chain info shows up in the left top corner of the screen when navigating through components in Vault Explorer with opened Supply chain aspect.
#19024    Draftsman - Fixed regression bug where some of the not fitted Hatching Pattern settings are not working.
#19103    Improved open BOM document performance to use price data cache instead of additional requests to the server.
#19191    Draftsman - Fixed regression bug where Components with Assembly Drawing source are not displayed under Detain View on PDF output (BC:8121).

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