Wednesday, February 15, 2017

PDN Analyzer 1.1 (build 95) is now available

PDN Analyzer 1.1 (build 95) is now available. If you have purchased a subscription, you can install it from within Altium Designer 17.0 (DXP > Extensions and Updates).

Note: This release will only work with Altium Designer 17.0 and later versions.

Check out what's New in PDN Analyzer 1.1

Release notes

#10723    Added support to display the voltage relative to the nearest ground when probing. Both the VCC and GND voltages are reported.
#11329    Added ability to set up config files for many power rails and run them as a batch.
#11868    Updated the battery symbol.
#15160    The output .csv file now uses comma delimiters.
#15161    Disabled unnecessary processing of Mechanical layers in ODB++
#15162    Updated PDN Analyzer so ODB++ is only regenerated within a session if the layout changes.
#15837    Added ability to navigate/zoom in on areas of highest current density.
#16536    Fixed regression bug that caused mid-layer polygon object to not be displayed.

There is also a bug fix in Altium Designer 17.0.10 for PDN Analyzer:
#10696    When probing the signals, lose the ability to maneuver in 3-D (shift + right mouse doesn't rotate the image).

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