Thursday, August 18, 2016

Altium Designer 16.1.12 Update (18 August 2016)

Altium Designer 16.1 is now available for download. You can install version 16.1.12 (build 290) from the Download section of the site and update system in Altium Designer (DXP > Extensions and Updates).

Please note that Clean installation is required if your current version of Altium Designer is 16.0 or below.

Release Notes

#12431    Draftsman - Fixed bug where access violation happens in particular cases when placing a layer Stack legend for Rigid-Flex PCB.    
#13365    Draftsman - Fixed bug where access violation has occurred when trying to create Draftsman document from the Default Fabrication Drawing template with Rigid-Flex on PCB.    
#12409    Draftsman - Fixed bug where new document's "Modified Status" remains unchanged after placing any objects (BC:6781).    
#12325    Draftsman - Fixed bug where only the pad that is inside the custom pad generates Solder Mask/Paste Mask.    
#12583    Draftsman - Fixed bug where PCB was not shown in board assembly front view.    
#12320    Draftsman - Fixed bug where solder mask expansion is absent for Vias on Fab view (BC:6697).    
#12303    Draftsman - Fixed crash on complex 3D designs while placing assembly view.    
#12118    Draftsman - Fixed massive memory leak during switching between Draftsman and PC (BC:6633).    
#10295    Fixed - All Suppliers now connect correctly when there is a proxy server in use.    
#13364    Fixed - bug where board fabrication view goes black after Update from PCB.    
#12888    Fixed - bug where special string in quotes are not interpreted in output for a particular designs.    
#13326    Fixed - regression bug where some tracks disappeared after routing (BC:6843).    
#12760    Importers - Fixed bug in Allegro Importer where pads of rotated components have pad-shaped regions added.    
#12959    Importers - Fixed bug in Allegro Importer where board shapes are defined incorrectly.    
#13181    Importers - Fixed bug in xDx Designer Importer where pins are missing after the library import.    
#12703    Importers - Fixed bug where pads of bottom components appear on top layer after the import from Eagle file in 16.1.8.    
#13024    Restored - column Average Length for Differential pairs in PCB panel.

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