Thursday, April 21, 2016

Altium Designer 16.0. Version 16.0.9 (build 368) is now available

Altium Designer 16.0. Version 16.0.9 (build 368) is now available on Download section of the site and update system in Altium Designer (DXP>>Extensions and Updates).

Release Notes

#8665    Fixed bug with incorrect displaying non-fitted components in Assembly Drawing (BC:6424)
#9604    Fixed issue when incorrect Designators used in BOM for replaced components in multichannel project in Variants
#10237    Restored previous (15.1) behavior of same net clearance check validation for Via-Pad and Via-Via combinations (BC:6321)
#10602    Fixed an issue when size of the multi-line text string was changed during footprint release to Vault
#10680    Fixed an issue when STEP model changes to the extruded 3D Body after model file replacement (BC:6310)
#10974    Fixed bug with Part Request list display in Vault Explorer, after request creation via web UI
#11118    Fixed bug when Altium Designer freezes after creating or adding a BomDoc to the project that contains component with modified grouping parameters
#11385    Vault component template in folder properties is no longer erased after new revision of the template is created
#11557    Fixed critical issue with missing polygons during Gerber generation of the board with embedded arrays

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