Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Altium Vault 2.5 Now Available

We are excited to announce the release of Altium Vault 2.5.9 (build 45043). Installation file is now available for download.

That is next major update of Vault, that include several significant features and improvements, such as lifecycles with approvals, managed component templates, change notifications and free binary files storage support. Some of the new features, such as, for example, component parameters view in a columns of the VaultExplorer, requires new version of Altium Designer 15.1.

More details you can find in the updated documentation for Altium Vault 2.5 in the Techdocs.

We kindly remind, that before doing update you need to create backup of your data and configuration.  

What’s New
#4565 New view in VaultExplorer shows component parameter data in columns, similar to Search and Library Panel (BC:4985).
#4667 3D models can now be managed by Altium Vault and reused as 3D Bodies in designs and footprints (BC:5066).
#4570 Particular lifecycle transitions can now be either limited to a specific group or require an approval process.
#5300 Fully functional templates can now be defined on a Vault level to control and define component structure including the list of parameters, default values, and required parameters.
#5035 LDAP synchronization has been completely reworked and now supports non-Windows LDAP servers, attribute mapping and all LDAP queries.
#4752 Event stream, email notification and change subscription (for project and component) functionality has been added to the Altium Vault web UI.
#5025 Lifecycle Definition and Naming Schema can now be limited for usage with specific content types.
#5271 Clone action are now supported in VaultExplorer and cmplib for component related content types.
#4442 Altium Designer now suggests to update related components during footprint/symbol release.
#4568 The ability to perform different operations (lifecycle transition, item deletion, etc) can now be granted in a more flexible way without limiting them only to administrators.
#4432 The Footprint/Symbol preview is now available while the VaultExplorer is open in modal mode for model selection.
#4454 The PartCatalog now supports direct data requests via ODBC without intermediate caching, improving data accuracy and performance.
#4455 Configurable list of component parameters is now used for supplier searches in ActiveBOM, PCL and Supplier Links.
#4942 Altium Vault installation now contains a Status Report tool, that can be used for support case investigation (by preparing zip files with logs and environment information).
#5019 Added a new Home Page for Altium Vault Web UI.
#5324 After component creation, symbol and footprint items will now be opened for editing automatically.
#4424 Altium Vault now allows for the storage of any kind of file including documents, images, binaries, etc...
#4830 The Vault installer now creates automatic backup before starting the update process.
#4834 Previously mandatory svn password synchronization can now be disabled via an Altium Vault config file.
#5020 It is now possible to have the url of individual project page in the web UI.
#5128 Outdated product and extension versions can now be deleted via NIS to reduce the size of the database and backups.

Bug Fixes
#4665 New Document Template can now be defined for cmplib (BC:4904).
#5159 Project release no longer fails when generating a Composite Drawing output with specifically configured outputjobs (BC:5145).
#4457 CmpLib editor now allows a user to create new components using supplier search results, including proper mapping from preferences (BC:3458).
#5475 Error "405 method not allowed" no longer appears on the system with the WebDav module installed.
#5482 Fixed the "Could not locate Schematic component" error when defining alternate Vault components in the VariantManager.
#5642 Fixed an issue with the wrong currency displaying for Mouser supplier.
#6174 Hyperlinks in the Component Preview aspect of Vault Explorer now works properly.
#5403 The File-less editing feature now properly works for components from different folders when called with the Where-Used feature.
#5091 Non-applicable revisions are no longer treated as hidden in the Altium Vault UI.
#5360 Bug with using the same Item revision for multiple revision configurations has been fixed.

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