Monday, May 4, 2015

Altium Designer / Altium Designer 15.1 Now Available

Altium Designer 15.1.8 (build 44021).

This release includes a number of maintenance fixes and new features for improved design productivity, streamlined documentation processes, and enhanced automation of high-speed design setups.

Altium Designer 15.1 will need to be installed in a separate location from your existing version.

You can explore the documentation for this new release in the Altium Designer techdocs or read about new features at Altium blog

Release Notes
#4300 Pad and Via Solder Mask Expansion can now be applied from the hole edge, as well as from the Pad/Via's copper shaped edge.
#4588 "Bikini Coverlay" is now supported, enabling proper surface film outputs for flexible sections, including expansions.
#4555 A Board Outline Clearance (Manufacturing) rule has been added to the PCB Layout Editor to constrain the proximity of objects to various types of board edges.
#4936 When a via instance's layer span property is required, users can now specify a drill pair and optionally access the Drill-Pair Manager.
#4992 Provided the possibility to generate 3D PDF of PCB-assemblies.
#4554 Added Smart Union management, a new Union mode on the PCB panel that allows the designer to review and manage Union types, Unions, and Union primitives.
#4649 Drill Drawing layer is now live, displaying drill symbols once a drill table has been placed or when the drill symbols have been configured for display.
#4779 Added a new "Pad and Via library" feature that allows for the creation of reusable pad and via templates.
#1606 The PCB Layout Editor's String object has been enhanced to support multi-line text, by allowing carriage returns to be embedded in the text and resizing of the String's bounding rectangle.
#4553 Altium Designer now checks dependencies during polygon repours and provides correct pour order when modifying a shape.
#4938 Provided one way synchronization between Tasking Pinmapper tool and Altium Designer.
#4594 Developed xSignals Wizards which helps to create rules for configuration of length matching rules.
#4581 Polygons can now be automatically named (both initially and upon subsequent changes) according to a user defined naming template.
#4771 Created a Schematic symbol generation tool that reduces time spent on functional symbols creation.

#5356 Developed the possibility to change Layer Color in one output outjob file instead of changing the color in all of them (BC:101).
#5448 In response to several BugCrunch items, a 3D Body's 3D Color property can now be optionally used to override the colors of its STEP Model (BC:154, BC:1255).
#5097 ODB++ supports arc only cut-outs now (BC:5158).
#5378 Component rotation is now correctly exported to dwf/dxf formats (BC:4977).
#4682 Visibility of the comment field on placement from DBLib restored to legacy behavior  (BC:4994).
#4921 Resolved an issue where square selectors were not showing after flipping the board (BC:5104).
#5190 Resolved an issue where a BOM is added to a publishing destination and the Excel file is created but the file size is zero bytes (BC:973).
#4514 Fixed an issue with saving menu customizations between sessions (BC:4957).
#3986 When deleting multiple sub-parts of a component in the schematic library editor, the selected components are always the ones that are deleted (BC:4768).
#5383 Ability to set "Not Fitted" for group of selected component has been added (BC:3028).
#5456 It is now possible to switch between 2D and 3D views asynchronously (press 2 or 3), or synchronously (press Shift+2 or Shift+3) (BC:5253).
#5516 TSaveDialog/TOpenDialog can be invoked from the script (BC:5326).
#5358 Resolved an issue with parameters updating if "Auto Position" was disabled in .SchLib (BC:839).
#5724 Resolved an issue with Altium Designer hanging when attempting to import large Allegro design data.
#5263 Access Violation error no longer occurs after OrCAD schematic file import.
#4917 This will allow users who are editing routes or examining trace or x-signals to easily get to the length tune the trace.
#4576 DXF importer no longer causes freezing when DXF files with many splines are imported.
#5221 Release-process into Altium Vault no longer fails due to missing folder generation.
#5227 The legacy “Use Transparent Layers” option is now automatically disabled in place of new layer transparency system.
#4748 Resolved an issue where cross-junction was converted to cross-over after any component or segment of a sketch had been dragged.
#3593 Resolved an issue with dimensions changing incorrectly after a file had been imported from AutoCAD to PCB.
#4959 An issue has been corrected where the layer stack region split line start/end locations self-modified when the user switched in and out of board planning mode.
#5076 Behavior of the PCB Panel's Layer Stack Regions editor has been corrected when PCB Layout Editor is in Board Planning Mode.
#5081 Resolved an issue where the parameter location was changed after updating components from a library.
#4520 Ctrl+C command for 3D mode works now.
#4485 The default footprint is now indicated in the Libraries panel, and used when placing a component.
#4583 Double-clicking on Layer Stack Chart no longer invokes Length Tuning Dialogue.
#4885 Duplicated Menu Shortcut Accelerators were changed to unique.
#4433 Multipart components in xDxDesigner are now treated properly, creating corresponding parts instead of individual components.
#5435 Access check added when saving the BSDL_FileMap.Txt file.
#5412 Gerber outputs no longer lose layers when generated for embedded boards.
#5219 Fanout procedure now follows room and net rules.
#4932 FSO of Pins of SchLib parts with multiple parts works properly now.
#5351 Moving groups of objects is restricted to the area of visibility now.
#4758 IDX import no longer relays on regional date and time format anymore.
#5481 Resolved an issue when placement of DXF was wrong after it was exported via Output Jobfile.
#5191 Resolved an issue where columns were lost after copying the OutJob file from one project to another with the “Include parameters from PCB”
 setting.
#5065 Resolved an issue where components rotated incorrectly after PCB file had been exported to AutoCAD.
#5347 Resolved an issue when Pad names were incorrect and Net information was missing in ASCII file after PADS import.
#4580 Live Highlighting when the board is flipped now works correctly.
#5146 Pads with the same JumperID but different nets are reported as short circuits now.
#3992 Fabrication output for a vault-managed, panelized PCB design now produces a warning message when the panel PcbDoc and referenced PcbDocs are not members of the same project.
#5343 Violation description for component clearance has been updated to be more informative.
#5413 Fixed a bug with snap to board axis when snapping to embedded board edge.
#5345 Fixed several issues with pre-defined stackups in layer stack manager.
#5654 Mirroring of OLE objects preserves its state during saving and loading.
#5426 Testpoint flag is updating now during layer change.
#4614 Resolved an issue where Polygon Hatch does not pour correctly when individual Poly to Via Rule is set.
#4436 Compile Names Expansion setting for Ports now functions correctly.
#3939 PDF output has been corrected when PCB designs contain rounded rectangle pad shapes.
#4924 Resolved an issue where arcs were importing incorrectly from Altium Designer to AutoCAD .dwg.
#5534 The Grid Manager's Snap To Object Hotspot setting now avoids snapping to board outline vertices when the Snap To Board Outline option is not activated in Board Options.
#4378 Issue with disappearing 3D bodies when moving designators in 3D mode has been resolved.
#5703 Resolved an issue where duplicate component IDs not caught during compilation resulted in incorrect schematic to PCB updates.
#4901 Unnecessary & Time Wasting "Analyzing Nets" has been optimized on large designs.
#5239 xSignals no longer crashes after placing or removing free pads.
#5625 Issue with placing manual junction at the position of cross-over has been resolved.
#5362 Error after trying to generate A4-size for PCB has been resolved.
#5646 Resolved issues with creating schematic component from Sheet using Sheet Actions ->Create Component from Sheet.
#4222 Export of square and slot shaped pad holes to Autocad DXF/DWG files have been corrected.
#5113 An odd behavior of PSON in IPC Batch Wizard is fixed.
#5722 Resolved a regression issue when evaluating special string values (document parameters, current date/time) when generating a BOM.
#5430 Resolved an issue with pushing update from net list to PCB.
#5316 Resolved an issue with NoERC markers causing slow project compilation.
#5354 SimView.DLL access violation error no longer occurs while simulating Mixed Sim.
#4792 Fixed an issue with displaying international characters in a BOM report.
#5361 Fixed an issue with layer mapping in PCB Print output settings dialog.
#4755 An issue that resulted in a blank file when generating a pdf from an outjob file for a SimView document has been fixed.
#3562 A problem in the SimModel editor dialog when specifying the pin mapping for components with hidden pins has been fixed.
#5028 Wrong behavior of DPAK in IPC Wizard is fixed.
#4622 Resolved an issue where the wrong DuplicatedID warning appeared when repeated sheet symbols were used.
#4914 Thermal relief generation had been improved.
#4483 The Gerber X2 Apper Function attribute syntax has been improved.
#4482 The Gerber X2 FileFunction attribute syntax has been improved.
#5723 Issue with Schematic compiler producing intermittent crashes when compiling integrated library has been resolved
#5023 Allegro importer does not crash anymore on large designs.
#3906 Resolved a problem with generating large sized PDFs from Schematic documents containing JPEG images.
#5348 Issue with incorrect import of NC Drill table from Allegro has been resolved.
#5357 Resolved an issue with creating unrolled nets when importing ORCAD designs.
#5318 Altium Designer no longer crashes when compiling a project that has many error and warnings.
#5363 Generating Gerber files no longer crashes when PCB document contains an Embedded Board Array that references a PCB document that does not exist.
#5145 Resolved an issue with component clearance checking on imported designs.
#4763 Restored the possibility to copy and paste symbols between components in a Schematic library.
#5465 Resolved an issue  for Preview in Print Job where selecting multiple PCB or Schematic documents caused Access Violation or empty preview.
#4620 Resolved an issue when some components were excluded from the Pick and Place file.
#5359 Pins will no longer disappear from SchLib component when importing them from PADS.
#5110 Special strings with parameters containing "-" or "." symbols are now processed properly.

#5243 Ability to create separate net classes for buss sections when pushing updates from Schematic to PCB has been added.
#5447 Provided possibility to update all extensions at once.
#5326 Added support for spline, parabola and ellipse edge types to region/polygon/board outline shapes when collaborating with SolidWorks.
#5228 Fabrication and Assembly Testpoint Style rules now contain properties for controlling clearances between testpoints and neighboring Pad/Via object holes.
#5017 Component type can now be defined directly in pcblib.
#5077 Extension&Updates section shows detailed information and updates released by Altium, without requiring an active Portal session.
#4679 Developed the possibility to autocomplete an expression for scopes based on xSignal and xSignalClasses named in the Query Helper.
#4465 Added ability to suppress updating specific parameters from database when generating BOM report
#5355 Compiler now detects mismatches between project variants and actual Schematic documents and reports warnings.
#5341 Added an prompt to have user restart Altium Designer after installing an extension.
#5349 DRC units window has variable size now.
#5063 Net change for a pad is now automatically propagated to all pads with the same Jumper ID.
#4486 Added an optional 2:6 inches (4:5 mm) precision for Gerber X2 output.
#4484 Added heuristics for Gerber X2 attribute assignment.
#4492 Arcs on all objects are now approximated correctly.
#4753 Board outline export supports preserving arc segments now.
#4466 Schematic annotation now uses a 2 unit scanning grid, supporting correct annotation when designators are slightly out of alignment.
#5290 Added a drop-down list which shows templates for working nets or those which are bigger or less than the allowed size.
#4795 Provided importing support for the latest 16.x Orcad schematic document and libraries.
#4984 Provided support for creating planar capacitive sensor patterns on PCB, for use with the range of Cypress CapSense controllers.
#4515 Added an ability to round up Schematic internal coordinates to compensate for rounding problems when switching from imperial to metric units.

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