Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A new update has been released for 14.3 - 14.3.16 (build 37051)

A new update has been released for 14.3 - 14.3.16 (build 37051). This is the first maintenance update for 14.3 product line, as it was announced earlier.

Fixes in this update:
#4233    Changing PCB layer names could result in layer-related lists populating incorrectly and certain outputs not generating correctly, this has been fixed.
#4235    Improved performance of selection and zooming in Schematic in comparison with 14.3
#4236    STEP models from Inventor 2014 are now loaded without errors
#4237    Class generation settings are now stored for device sheets (BC:3840)
#4238    An AV could occur while placing a pin in a schematic library and pressing Esc to quit the command, this no longer happens.
#4239    With a specific combination of preferences, placing a component from the schematic libraries panel could cause Altium Designer to crash, this no longer occurs.
#4380    Performing a release after file-less editing an Item in the Planned state, no longer fails with the error (BC:4677, BC:4870).

Release notes

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