Friday, October 3, 2014

Announcement: Altium Designer 14.3.15 update available (02 October 2014)

Hi All

A new update has been released for 14.3 - 14.3.15 (build 35511).

Fixes in this update:
#3550    The BomDoc now correctly includes all of the defined solutions.
#3656    Users without Admin permissions can now log into a Vault when there is no TC2 configuration defined.
#3730    Multi-selection in the Variant Management dialog followed by an editing action no longer causes occasional exceptions.
#3496    The PCB Hole Size Editor now correctly includes blind and buried layer pairs in the list of holes to be drilled.
#3503    Vault login now supports including a protocol prefix, such as http.
#3555    Updating a PCB footprint from a library now correctly retains all objects and only updates modified objects.
#3589    Comments can now be added to a newly created managed project via the Comments panel.
#3599    If a managed project had a space character in the name, it could not be opened on a remote PC. This fix allows new projects to be created and opened with spaces in their names, it does not support opening an existing space-in-name project.
#3718    Opening a large CmpLib via file-less editing no longer causes an overflow error.
#3731    OpenBus Ports can now be correctly linked to in an OpenBus document (BC:4669).
#3372    When a multi-part component is varied, each part in the component now retains the same part in the new component.
#3426    The designer can now decide if parameter values come the database components, or the variant management dialog.
#3714    Generating a Pick and Place file from a variant no longer results in the duplication of Alternate Parts.
#3756    Setting a component to Fitted via the right-click menu in the Variant Management dialog now functions correctly.
#3855    Generating ODB++ after running Remove Unused Pads on a design with blind vias, no longer causes the application to crash.

Release notes

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