Monday, August 25, 2014

Announcement: Altium Designer 14.3.14 update available (25 August 2014)

A new update has been released for 14.3 - 14.3.14 (build 34663).

Fixes in this update:
#3616    Comments are no longer posted with the wrong author name.
#3297    New Project dialog no longer prefixes each file with the project name, when the Create Project Folder option is enabled.
#3298    Switching a component from Alternate Part to Not Fitted now correctly clears the component parameters.
#3371    Creating a polygon from the Board Outline in the Polygon Manager no longer causes an exception.
#3488    When a copied polygon is pasted, it now retains the pour state of the original polygon.
#3516    In certain situations, changes made in the Parameter Manager were not applied to all objects, this has been resolved.
#2551    Generating a BOM from an Outjob now retains the Excel template formatting.
#3200    A schematic auto-junction at a 4-way + junction is now retained when a drag occurs.
#3209    An exception no longer occurs when the Class Generator is used to create a component class.
#3247    The Variant Manager now supports changing the order of variants.
#3254    Parameters varied in an Alternate Part can now be restored to the original values in the Alternate Part.
#3365    Alternate Parts no longer produce schematic compiler warnings stating that multiple pins are connected.
#3368    Alternate Parts now show correctly as fitted in the assembly drawing.
#3374    The number of clicks required to choose an alternate part has been reduced.
#3376    Hatched polygons now switch to the unpoured state correctly.
#3382    Pick and place data generated from a variant now displays the correct component data (BC:4344).
#3383    Creation of components with identical names in a Schematic library is now prevented.
#3384    Alternate parts now display the correct layer information in the BOM.
#3413    Random crashes no longer occur when working in the PCB Panel.
#3458    Performance while deleting schematic wire segments has been improved.
#3466    Document Insight now works for all schematic documents in the project.
#3467    The Include not fitted components BOM option now works correctly.
#3479    The Comment is now displayed correctly in the BOM for a component that has varied parameters.
#3480    ECO no longer detects unmatched nets for alternate components.
#3508    The order of variants can be changed by clicking and dragging the column header, this new order is retained between edit sessions.
#3509    Comment is now displayed correctly in an Assembly drawing for a varied component.
#3517    The values for multiple variant parameters can now be edited in a single editing action.
#3549    An Out of Resource error no longer occurs when printing a schematic document with an embedded Excel sheet.
#3161    If a design which uses ComponentLink parameters is PDF'ed with
the Include Component Parameters option enabled, you can now click on
the link in the PDF to open the referenced document.

Release notes

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