Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Announcement: Altium Designer 14.3.12 update available (01 July 2014)

Hi All 

A new update has been released for 14.3 (build 33957)

Fixes in this update:
#3386    Invalid pointer error fixed in cmplib editor when working with component libraries created in older versions
#3237    Fixed error where Objects were accessed after being destroyed when working with the Filter panel
#3302    Resolved application error on Windows XP when a PCB was reopened during Altium Designer start up
#3373    Alternate part information no longer erased when original library is not accessible anymore
#3378    Manually adding a Vault in the Preferences dialog would sometimes causes an invalid handle error, this no no longer occurs
#3284    Select Next command could cause a crash in certain conditions, this has been resolved
#3355    Variant Management dialog, Set Selected As Alternate no longer causes an error
#3358    Footprint changes done through the Footprint Manager are now preserved
#3454    Errors caused by the XSpice Model Wizards have been resolved

Release notes


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