Thursday, November 7, 2013

Announcement: New Libraries for AMS, ISSI SRAM & STM32

New Libraries

The Altium Content Team is pleased to announce the release of several new board-level libraries for vendors including AMS, ISSI and STMicroelectronics. From AMS it’s a mixed selection of parts covering the lion’s share of their catalog, ISSI is all about SRAM, and we’ve finally updated the STM32 families including the addition of STM32 F3.

We’ve also just shared our first batch of components developed directly as customer requests! These cover several different manufacturer parts and were created in response to feedback received via the content request form. This is the first of 3 releases that should see us deliver 99% of the individual components that have been requested so far.

More than 10,000 new components have been released! Here’s the breakdown of what’s included:

Audio (40) Data Converters (76) Interfaces (28) Light Sensors (112)

Lighting Management (91) Magnetic Position Sensors (45) Piezo Motor Drivers (3)

Power Converters (1) Power Management (260) RF Products (18)

STM32 F3 (37) STM32 F4 (135) STM32 F0 (53) STM32 F1 (244)

STM32 F2 (94) STM32 L1 (113) STM32W (20)


Synchronous SRAM Pipeline (875) Synchronous SRAM Flow-Through (689)

Synchronous SRAM No-Wait (ZBT) (1246) Synchronous SRAM Automotive (614)

Asynchronous SRAM 5V High-Speed (100) Asynchronous SRAM 5V Low Power (42)

Asynchronous SRAM Automotive (248) Asynchronous SRAM High Speed Low Power (414)

Asynchronous SRAM Lower Power (204) CellularRAM/Pseudo SRAM (34)


Content Requests

The first release of requested content includes more than 600 components covering dozens of individual requests. Highlights include:

Please note these requested components are only available in the Altium Content Vault.

If the parts you requested aren’t among these, the second round of requests will be released early next week, with a third catch up release the week after. Beyond this we hope to keep the turnaround times short (depending on demand). Please also note this is still only a trial, so we won’t be able to guarantee delivery within a certain timeframe.

As usual, all new parts mentioned above are available from the Altium Content Vault and (excluding content requests) as Design Content libraries available here. You can also place components directly from within Altium Designer using the Vault Explorer – where you will also find live supplier links and pricing information from suppliers such as Digi-Key, Farnell/Newark, Mouser and others – connect to the Altium Content Vault to explore further.


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