Monday, October 21, 2013

Announcement: Altium Designer 14

Announcement: Altium Designer 14


This latest release is definitely one of the biggest PCB releases that we’ve made for a very long time and it’s very gratifying to deliver such concrete evidence of our renewed focus on our core technologies and customer value. With a number of the added features coming directly from customer requests, it affirms our ongoing intentions to support you with the technologies you need today and into the future.

The key highlights of this release include:

·  Support for Flex and Rigid-Flex Design

·  Enhanced Layer Stack Management

·  Support for Embedded Components

·  Differential Pair Routing Improvements

·  Via Stitching within a User-Defined Area

·  AutoCAD Importer/Exporter Enhancements

·  CadSoft EAGLE Importer

·  Ibis Model Implementation Editor

·  Preferences-based Control over Vendor Tool Usage

·  Supplier Support for TME

·  Support for Xilinx Vivado Toolchain

·  New Installation System

·  Browser-based F1 Resource Documentation

See the What's New documentation area and our website for more information about the specifics of the release.

Accessing Altium Designer 14

All customers with valid Altium Designer subscription will be receiving an email shortly, but if you can’t wait for that and want to install now;

1. Goto AltiumLive to download the new installer

2. Download, Install and Run Altium Designer 14

3. Locate and use your existing Altium Designer license.

Note: If you are using a Private Server license or Standalone license and you have renewed your Subscription since activation, you will need to reactivate your license to use Altium Designer 14.

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