Friday, May 10, 2013

Announcement: Altium Designer 13.2 available (10 May 2013)

We are pleased to provide you with the second update of Altium Designer 2013. You can choose to update your existing installation or use the AD13 Installer (download here).

This update includes some long awaited features, lots of enhancements and the continuation of performance and stability fixes.

Some highlights of this release


ActiveBOM is a new tool that facilitates real-time cost estimation and tracking for a board design, by giving the designer a clear picture of cost and availability of all items associated with that design. Also see ActiveBOM FAQ for detailed insights and answers to common questions.

Live Drill Drawing Table

A WYSIWYG live drill table that dynamically updates in real-time, as hole-containing objects such as pads and vias are placed on and removed from the PCB design.

PCB Design View

A specific, scalable view that allows the designer to place a snapshot of any rectangular shaped region of the current board, or another board, anywhere within the workspace.

Define Output Filenames using Expressions

Support for user-defined output filenames using a concatenation of special strings and user-defined project parameters.

Vault-based Simulation Models

Bringing support for defining and releasing simulation models to an Altium Vault. A simulation model is defined within a SimModel file (*.SimModel) on the design-side, and linked to a Simulation Model Item within a target vault.

Enhanced Vault Searching

The Vault search feature has been substantially upgraded, with the introduction of Grouping, Column-based filtering, and a powerful Filter panel.

A new Altium Vault Server and Personal Vault installation is also required to take advantage of these improvements. See Upgrading to Version 1.1 for important information about upgrading your existing AVS.


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