Friday, March 1, 2013

Annoucement: Release of Altium Vault and Personal Vault

The Altium Development team is pleased to announce the release of the Altium Vault Server and the Personal Vault.

Vaults offer reliable traceability and where-used information through the formal revisioning and life-cycle management of part information, sub-circuits and full designs. Repeatable formal release process ensures all design documents are suited for the chosen release.

All items in vaults represent reusable design content, from part models to entire sub-circuits. Because their history and lifecycle state are known a designer can reuse them with complete understanding of their track record.

Vaults provide access to live supply chain intelligence via online links to component suppliers. This helps reduce risk by informing the process of component selection during the design phase.

Finally, vaults establish mechanism to easily and securely share the right pieces of design data with those who need access to them.

The Altium Vault Server is ideal for businesses with teams who benefit from full control over tracking user access and sharing capabilities. Licenses need to be purchased to run and connect to the Altium Vault Server.

The Personal Vault is a complete electronic design data management system, aimed at helping individuals or small groups to gain control over, reuse and leverage their IP. It is available free of charge.

Both Altium Vault Server and Personal Vault are available here for download.


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