Friday, February 1, 2013

The Altium Development team is pleased to announce the release of Altium Designer 2013

Altium Designer 2013 further improves your design environment by delivering several new PCB features and updates to the core PCB and Schematic tools. With the reengineering and opening up of our widely used DXP platform, Altium Designer 2013 underpins our focus on our core technologies, customers and partners.

The key highlights of this release:

- Component parameters in SmartPDF output
- Ability to define polygonal-shaped blanket directives
- Enhanced customization of schematic pins and ports
- Hyperlink text support in schematic documents
- Schematic annotation based on part location
- PCB object and layer transparency
- Silk To Solder Mask clearance design rule
- Outline vertices editor for polygon pours and regions
- Predefined views for PCB in 3D
- Project document previews
- Support for Microchip mTouch controls
- Additional data management enhancements
- Vault-defined supply chain information in BOM
- Preferred suppliers choice for part choices

To find out about all the key highlights of this release visit the video website and wiki.

Full details of this update including bug fixes can be found in the release notes.

All customers with valid Altium Designer subscription will be receiving an email shortly with installation and license activation details.

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