Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Announcement: NXP Semiconductors Content Update

The Altium Content Team is pleased to announce an update to the Altium Vault and Content Store. NXP Semiconductors has just been revised to bring the three 32-bit ARM-based Cortex-M families up-to-date with the latest source data from NXP. Working closely with NXP has allowed us to update the quality and coverage of the following families, and marks the start of a continuous roll out of NXP content for Altium Designer users.

  1. NXP Semiconductors Cortex-M0
  2. NXP Semiconductors Cortex-M3
  3. NXP Semiconductors Cortex-M4

These components can be found in the Unified Components section of the Content Store. You can also use these components directly from within Altium Designer via the Vault Explorer - where you will also find supplier links and pricing information. For integrated libraries, look for the ‘Download Library’ button on the Content Store pages.

A total of 105 new components and 65 revised components have been released this week across the three Cortex-M families


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