Thursday, January 26, 2012

Unified Components Update - STMicroelectronics Power Management

The first unified components update for 2012!  The Hobart Content Team is pleased to announce the release of three power management families from STMicroelectronics.

Developed in collaboration with ST, we have released vault-based components for Power Management DC-DC Conversion, Switching Regulator and Voltage Reference - all now available from the Unified Components section of the AltiumLive Content Store.

To read more about the relationship between Altium and STMicroelectronics see the press release here.

DC-DC Conversion includes DC-DC controllers (external switches), monolithic switching regulators (internal switches) and charge pumps (inductorless switching regulators). 186 parts have been released in this category.  Switching Regulator covers multifunction switching regs which integrate step-up and step-down converters optimized to power low-voltage digital cores – 23 parts in this group.  Voltage Reference covers the well known ST high-power and high-voltage references as well as their low-power options – a further 71 parts here.

All components have supply chain information from suppliers such as Digi-key and Mouser, which can be best viewed when browsing these components from the Vault Explorer in Altium Designer 10. Navigate over to the Hobart Vault to check them out.

Through AltiumLive, theses components can now be found in the Content Store here:

Unified Components \ STMicroelectronics \ Power Management DC-DC Conversion

Unified Components \ STMicroelectronics \ Power Management Switching Regulator

Unified Components \ STMicroelectronics \ Power Management Voltage Reference 

As well as vault based components that are available via Altium Designer’s Vault Explorer, Integrated Library versions of these components are now available for download from the Content Store.  Look for the ‘Download AD10 IntLib’ buttons on the left-hand sidebar.

Stay tuned for other ST power management families which will be released in the coming weeks. Up next – Linear Regulators.


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