Friday, April 29, 2011

Update for Altium Designer 10

Just  released a new update for Altium Designer 10.

This release focuses primarily on developments to the system components, including the addition of more preferences that can be imported/exported. And we’ve also fixed another couple of BugCrunch reports:

  1. Schematics now display text correctly in all supported languages and simulations work correctly regardless of the machines language settings.
  2. CAMtastic Reload layer data command no longer kills AD10.

These are two issues that were reported and verified by our development team. And rather than send them through the voting process, we accepted them directly for fixing. So in this case, you didn’t need to vote - we just wanted to crunch!

We have also been working on the crashes being reported in the forums as a high priority for fixing. With this release, we have added the ability to send crash reports when these failures happen. Crash reports give us vital information about what happened at the time of the crash - so completing these crash reports will help us in identifying what is causing these ongoing issues. When the failure occurs, just click on the Send Report button, and complete the details, with as much information as possible about what you were doing at the time of the crash. Once it is sent, also post on the forum so that we can identify the report and engage with you on further information that may be required.


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